The Basics of Soju

Soju is an ancient Korean liquor, coming in the form of a clear wine made from fermented rice, wheat, barley, and tapioca. It is akin in many ways to the more familiar Japanese sake, but different in that it contains grains other than rice. Soju also has a higher alcohol content than other rice wines, generally falling between twenty and thirty-five percent. Many people describe the taste of soju as resembling that of vodka, though with a sweeter finish.

In South Korea, soju has been one of the country’s favorite drinks for a long time. The sheer demand for this liquor has allowed it to be one of the country’s most affordable varieties of alcohol. Koreans will generally enjoy it in a group setting, serving it up in small shot glasses or using it to make mixed drinks. Soju mixed with lemon-lime flavored soda is a particular favorite among the younger drinkers.

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