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Korean Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are a big part of many Asian cultures. In Korea, the most important of these cakes is the dduk. Alternatively spelled tteok, ddeock, or duk, these cakes are made out of chapssal, a form of glutinous rice flour. The final product is a thick, chewy cake with a sweet and satisfying taste that is widely enjoyed both within Korea and abroad.

To the Koreans, dduk is important as a food used to celebrate special occasions. They will eat it throughout the year in hundreds of different forms. The New Year is celebrated by eating dduk soup. Sweet dduk confectioneries are eaten on weddings and birthdays. Sometimes, dduk will be made with nuts, fruits, or sweet red bean paste, or crafted into festive shapes and colors. At our Lynnwood Korean barbecue, you can partake of this Korean classic in the form of our dduk soups, including regular Dduk Gook and Dduk Man-doo Gook (Korean Dumpling Soup). Come and try it out for yourself at Arirang Korean BBQ today!

Busik and Jusik

Rice is exceptionally important to the Korean culinary tradition. In Korea, rice is so synonymous with food that the common phrase that Koreans use to ask if you’ve eaten recently is “Bap muh guh ssuh?”, which translates to “Did you eat rice?”

This represents one of the most salient differences between Korean and Western dining sensibilities. While an American meal generally centers around the protein, Korea focuses around the rice. Korea divides their meals into “busik” and “jusik”, representing to side dishes and the part of the meal that features rice, respectively. Either category can be eaten by itself, but, while jusik without busik is still a considered meal, busik without jusik is strictly a snack. This is why you will find rice featured so strongly at our Korean BBQ in Lynnwood.

What is Sake?

Sake is easily recognized as a classic Japanese beverage. The national drink of the country, and a long-time favorite for many people, sake comes in the form of a milky liquor made from fermented rice. It is largely known as a rice wine, though the specific nature of sake is more difficult to define.

Indeed, it is hard to say whether sake is a wine or a beer. Though it is brewed from grains, as a beer is, its alcoholic content and its taste is more akin to that of a wine. Further, it is often enjoyed either chilled, warmed, or at room temperature, a quality that is not shared by conventional fruit-based wines.

However you may want to define sake, you can enjoy it at our Lynnwood Korean BBQ. Come and try this old classic either hot or cold at Arirang today!

Discover Bulgogi!

When many people think of Korean barbeque, the first dish they think of is bulgogi. Hearty and delicious, this grilled Korean classic has been a favorite for many ever since its inception. Though it is most often associated with beef, the term “bulgogi” actually only refers to the distinctive marinade of sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil that the dish is made with. You can therefore find not only beef bulgogi, but also pork, chicken, and even the occasional tofu bulgogi.

At our Lynnwood Korean BBQ restaurant, you can enjoy bulgogi in both beef and pork form. Come and experience the taste that has won thousands of Westerners over to Korean cooking!