Korea’s Rice Wine is the World’s Best-Selling Alcohol

If somebody asked you what the most popular liquor in the world was, what would you guess? The answer may surprise you. Though soju may not be as recognizable a name as vodka, whiskey, or sake, it has topped lists of best-selling alcoholic beverages throughout the globe for years.

Soju, the national drink of South Korea, has been skyrocketing in popularity recently. It currently sells in about eighty countries, and is only spreading further. According to Drinks International in their annual lists of best-selling spirits, a brand of soju known as Jinro Soju sold 65 million nine-litre cases in 2013, beating out Smirnoff for the coveted title of best-selling spirit by threefold.

It’s little wonder that soju should be so popular. South Korea boasts the world’s highest alcohol consumption per capita, and this rice wine makes up fully 97% of their alcohol market. If you’ve never experienced the magic of soju for yourself, come and give it a try at Arirang Korean BBQ in Lynnwood today!