Korea’s Hearty Bacon

Sam gyup sal, occasionally written as “samgyeopsal”, is one of the most popular meat dishes from traditional Korean cuisine. It’s made of fatty pork belly meat, cut into thin strips and grilled up for a truly tantalizing taste that is revered by lovers of barbecue throughout the world.

Though sam gyup sal is similar in many ways to conventional bacon, it is often considered a health food in Korea. Though it will likely never make the top of any “World’s Healthiest Foods” list, it does boast nutritional properties that put the more familiar varieties of bacon to shame. People in Korea will eat it to foster healthier skin, detoxify their systems, and prevent certain diseases. Though not all of these properties have yet been backed up by scientific studies, it is clear that the dish is a low cholesterol source of protein, rich in satisfying flavor. So if you’re looking for a savory and more guilt-free version of bacon, come give sam gyup sal a try at our Lynnwood Korean BBQ restaurant!