Korean Dining on a Low-Sodium Diet

There are many superior health benefits to eating Korean food. Indeed, Korea is one of the world’s healthiest countries. However, the Korean people are also known for consuming more sodium than almost all other nations. But does this mean that you can’t have Korean food if you’re trying to reduce your sodium levels? Not at all! Just follow these simple guidelines, and you should be able to enjoy a meal at Lynnwood Korean BBQ while abiding by your low-sodium diet:

  • Much of the sodium that Koreans consume can be traced to the fact that they eat salt-rich kimchi with just about every meal. Enjoy this classic dish sparingly, and you’re already cutting out much of the sodium of the Korean diet.
  • Soy sauce is fairly high in sodium, though it is also a lower sodium alternative to a comparable amount of salt. Use soy sauce sparingly.
  • If you’re trying to reduce your sodium, you want to make sure you’re getting enough potassium. This mineral helps purge sodium from your body. Look for potassium-rich foods, like soy, potato, and fatty fish. Other fair sources of potassium include red meat and green vegetables.